Baritone to tenor, warm atmosphere, style range from 40's to the 2000's, exciting and classy, authentic and effortless musicality.

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This is an album that I did with the great Bob Ockenden, whose knowledge of music in the genre of jazz, made this album possible. Thanks BobInvitation -


Early in my music career I used the name "Tommy Bruce', but I was informed that someone in the UK had already copy written the name. So! Even though This was the name I grew up with I was not the only person to use it. Limerence was recorded by "Tommy Bruce" Who is also "Thomas Bruce" my new professional name. Limerence - Tommy Bruce

Thomas Bruce Jazz

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I have been a student of voice technique since my first voice lesson with Gayle Gaylord in New York City in 1967.

The road from Gayles studio has led to places like "Catch a Rising Star" in Manhattan and other places around the city.

Many auditions landed me in the role of a member of the cast of "Wanna Hear Luck" off Broadway".

After looking in trade papers for gigs and other singing opportunities, I found a group called "Executive Privilege" doing demos work for the purpose of selling music to big named recording artists, like Cuba Gooding Senior, who was the lead singer for"the Main Ingredient". He sang the tune "Everybody Plays the Fool". One day I had lunch with Mr. Gooding and with him was his son Cuba Gooding Jr.. Singing for a living is an elusive thing, so when I wasn't singing I worked for a designer who was designing the clothes for Diana Ross.

She was interested in the fact that I was trying to break into the world of show business, and asked for a demo and luckily I had one to give her. She invited the designer" Julio Martinez  and I to Las Vegas to see her show at Caesar's Palace.

While being transfixed by the shining talent of Miss Ross, suddenly she was holding a mic to my mouth saying "Sing pretty now?", and I did as well as I could, considering that one of the worlds most famous singers was asking me to sing in the biggest room at Caesars Palace.

Since then I came back to my home state of Minnesota, and continued singing ever chance I could find. I have sung at the internationally   acclaimed, Dakota Jazz Club, the historical Lexington Restaurant, Sophia's on Main Street and other lesser known venues.

I have done broadway type shows in civic productions of "Roar of the Greasepaint Smell of the Crowd" written by Anthony Newly,

and "West Side Story" and landed the role of the male lead "Tony". The reviews were great! I am still proud of the reviews!

I have recorded 2 CD's "Limerence" consisting of ballads from the Great American Song Book, and "Invitation" consisting of more

obscure and jazzy Tunes. I hope I have given you an idea of who I am and that you see the path that has lead me to this web

site.Listen to the music that you will find here and linked to this web site. Thanks for stopping by-Thomas Bruce

When I think about my life in music, it amazes me to look back at all I've done.

I had one of the best voca coaches in New Yor, in those days.

Gayle Ashley Gaylord know what she was doing when it came to getting perforomance quality

 work from her students.

During a practice session of new music I was learning, there was a knock on the studio door.

I was to find out later that the person who knocked on the door was Buster Keaton( silent film star ). 

Mister Keaton was getting ready the road tour company for the Broadway show "No No Nanette".

I was thrilled and full of expectations, when Gayle asked me to sign a contract for her to manage me.

I asked her if I could have a lawyer look at it before I would sign it. She was obviously angered by my request, and said that, if I didn't sign it, our relationship was terminated.

Not to be bullied I didn't sign.

Since then I was a chorus member of an off Broadway show called" Wanna Hear Luck?". 

I belonged to a group called "Executive Privilege ", that turned out to be a demo group who previewed tunes for famous artists like Cuba gooding Sr.

After meeting Diana Ross who had hired a friend to move to California, I was invited to go along.

Miss Ross was appearing at Caesars Palace and she invited us for a fun filled weekend, and part of the fun was Miss Ross asking me to sing with her as she past where my friend and I were sitting.

The audience was filled with more people than I could ever hope to sing to! But there I was singing to an huge audience who gave me the most gratifying round of applaus!

I have played an important character in the off off Broadway production of "Roar of the Greasepaint Smell of the Crowd".

"Westside Story" gave me the role of Tony. The Romantic lead in that musical, Done by a Community Theatre production in Minneapolis.

This was my last Broadway type singing performance.

In the years fallowing these events, I been singing in jazz clubs in and around the Twin Cities.

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